Stoney Point is a landmark in the San Rafael neighborhood and owner Amedeo Contantino is honored to be part of the rich history of the area.

Amedeo Costantino has successfully been in the restaurant business for over 35 years. A native of Italy, Amedeo opened his first Four Star Hotel and restaurant in 1965 on the Italian Riviera. Realizing his passion for cooking Amedeo ventured to open a restaurant ocean side in Italy in 1968, accommodating 100 patrons, his restaurant was a success.

A married man now, Amedeo wanted the best possible opportunity for his family. In 1972 Amedeo decided to move his family to the United States of America. His first year in America Amedeo partnered with Anthony’s Deli in Arcadia, bringing a new flair to their menu. In 1976 Amedeo embarked on his own and opened Primo Gourmet on Lake Avenue in Pasadena.

As a person who always sees opportunity Amedeo opened the very first gourmet restaurant in what is now referred to as “Old Town Pasadena”. A prestigious and award winning restaurant, the Italian Fisherman was run successfully from 1981 through 1996.

Meanwhile, in 1994 Amedeo opened Stoney Point Restaurant in west Pasadena. A landmark on its own, Amedeo has made Stoney Point the sensation that it is today. Stoney Point has won numerous awards for its Continental cuisine and is known for the tranquil atmosphere.

In 1995 Amedeo opened Café Sole Restaurant in La Canada. A genuine Italian restaurant, Café Sole attracts those who appreciate authenticity. A fast paced award winning restaurant, Café Sole remains a very successful restaurant in the developing city of La Canada.


Reviews and Accolades

“Best Souffle in Town” Elmer Dills Channel 7 Eyewitness news

Voted “Best Continental Cuisine” Pasadena Weekly

Amedeo Costantino

  1. Boy that was fun

  2. Amadeo, a great inspiration in my life, awesome person. I worked for him in the early 80’s

  3. Stoney Point has been our favorite restaurant for almost the whole 20 years we have lived in Pasadena. We have taken many of our international clients there for lunches and dinners and never been disappointed.


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